Maintenance and Management of Media Assets and Product Data with advastamedia®

Background information

Würth Elektronik eiSos uses the advastamedia® suite to maintain and manage product data (PIM) and media assets (MAM). The system developed by Kittelberger also processes existing product records and acts as the starting point for the professional supply of data to various channels.

Key data
  • Würth Elektronik - PIM und MAM mit advastamedia

PIM and MAM with advastamedia®

"Of course we are delighted that our product is now used for the Würth Elektronik group of companies," says Jürgen Frücht, Managing Director at Kittelberger media solutions with responsibility for licenses and Oracle partnerships.

"We believe that the flexible data model and the new data output options, both core functions in the latest advastamedia® release, have a major impact on our receiving the order and for our upcoming projects in print and online," says Frücht.

Licenses for advastamedia®

Useful information: the license for the new advastamedia®/O model includes an embedded Oracle license.

Oracle only offers embedding for selected standard products and permits the product provider or Kittelberger media solutions GmbH to sell the application including Oracle based on the provider's own license model.

Support is provided by the Kittelberger advastamedia®/O Support Department and includes support both for the application and for the Oracle database.