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An all-round solution for PIM, MAM, CMS and e-commerce.

advastamedia - Flexible and Professional

Our software solution is flexible, professional and shortens the time to market in marketing.

Based on our advastamedia®/O product media database, we have developed a powerful system in the sectors of Product Information Management (PIM), Media Asset Management (MAM) and Cross Media Publishing. All data and media relating to product, marketing, PR and sales are managed and processed and accordingly, advastamedia®/O supports numerous print and online publishing processes.

Our customers have been using our advastamedia®/O product media database in many different applications for over 15 years - as a data supplier for shop systems and portals, as a basis for image databases and media pools, for print productions, as a basis for web catalogues, PDF generators, and many more.

How does advastamedia®/O work?

advastamedia®/O is based on ORACLE and offers a completely free classification model for product and media data, to map object dependencies and integrated media management.

The flexible data model has the capacity to cover a wide variety of requirements – from a mass data system for automotive customers through to document structuring and fashion catalogue data.

The practical system is under continuous development and provides powerful PDF frameworks, WYSIWYG editors and a tried and tested publication management system. Its basic version already supports the management of any languages (incl. TMS interface), product ranges and user groups, and the export-specific mark-up of contents.

advastamedia - Function

Components of the advastamedia®
product media database

advastamedia Product Database

Product database

The filing and management of product data is dependent on many requirements – driven by the output options in the web, the pressure of costs in the print sector and the need for the multiple usage of data across all output channels. Continuous further development of our powerful product management system stems from our experience from numerous publishing projects,.

advastamedia - Image and Media Database

Image and media database

Handling high-resolution data, generating variants for mobile output, inserting digital watermarks, importing and exporting IPTC or EXIF data - our MAM module has a lot of offer, whether in combination with product management or as a standalone.

Functions and possibilities

PIM and MAM systems are often used separately from each other. There are a great many specialists in the two sectors and some of them offers industry-specific functions. The reason is obvious. Each topic is extremely complex in itself. There are many challenges to mapping object dependencies, handling mass data and the diversity of outputs on the PIM side, and for handling media assets, variants, maintenance workflows and naming conventions on the MAM side (to name but a few).

However, there should be no output boundaries between PIM and MAM – and increasing requirements in data quality and flexibility demand short paths and data consistency. The use of our integrated advastamedia® solution saves money, time and resources and drastically shortens the time to market for a communication solution.

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  • Multichannel use of your data

    Nowadays, consistency and low-cost management of product information is one of the greatest challenges faced by many companies. It is precisely multichannel use which allows advastmedia® to make full use of its strengths: media-neutral product filing while at the same time providing the maximum freedom of scope to customise your output channels, e.g. separate catalogue structures, automatically generated custom formats and structures, flexible identification of attributes for specific outputs, users and languages – and a whole lot more!

    Advastamedia® - the flexible and scalable basis for your multichannel business.

  • Cost efficiency

    Media assets and product data are managed together. This results in low initial costs and assures you of efficiency when generating, releasing, maintaining and distributing your marketing contents.

  • Handling translations

    Filing and using translations has long become a standard feature in modern product management. But as the pressure of costs and the quantity of contents to be translated increase, so do the requirements, such as customisation of languages, multiple use across several countries, flexible translatability within a product record, etc. In fact advastamedia® rationalises and automates your translation processes.

  • System of units

    When it comes to object classification, in particular for complex products, advastamedia® offers many convenient features such as a pre-installed system of SI units, automatic conversion of input values and freely definable reference parameters. Attributes can be freely issued or inherited by applying proprietary (or standard selected) classification.

  • Any type of media file format

    Our high-quality and high-performance media engine prepares your media for many different channels. New variants can even be defined and generated on the fly – this allows advastamedia® to quickly offer the right output for your system even if there are project changes.

  • Rights and role based access control system

    Each user and every channel receives the required and permitted contents in a customised application by a role concept in any degree of granularity – from the administrator through to the graphic designer at the service provider.

  • Search

    The interlinking of media and product data combined with our know-how in the field of search appliances guarantees rapid, scalable and convenient content retrievability - for the maintenance system user or in the web outputs.

  • Workflows

    The flexible role concept combined with high-performance up-to-date reports offers a flexible and scalable basis for mapping workflows - from product creation, maintenance, release and translation through to the output in print or online.

Service and Customisation

Service and customisation

Support and data maintenance

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Hosting and operations

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