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Multiple Data Usage

Electronic / Database Publishing

Your data is just too valuable to be used in only one output channel.

Do you produce printed catalogues? Want to use your data for multiple purposes? Corrections that are made during the print process are needed directly for data shipments to your online dealers?

Catalogue production is a time-consuming operation. Images, texts and prices must be available at the right time, and usually several persons are involved in the process.

We simplify the production of your catalogues by the systematic use of automation processes. This minimises error rates, reduces production time and raises data quality for output to other channels, e.g. a webshop.

Where it all comes together:

data structuring, print automation, prepress and multichannel!

Erima Katalogproduktion


Reinz Katalogproduktion


Erima Katalogproduktion


Reinz Katalogproduktion


Erima Katalogproduktion


Reinz Katalogproduktion


Catalogue Production

Data correctness and up-to-datedness at every process step. That's how fast and easy catalogue production can be.

With 50 years of experience, we know all the tricks and shortcuts in publishing. Professional graphic and media designers know exactly what to do when it comes to design, typesetting and production. It makes no difference whether the contents of your publication originate from a database to allow production to be more or less automated or whether we integrate your images and texts one by one in layouts.

What is most important is the end result - professional print and online solutions. Our strong point is the multiple use of data, automated processes and the production of advertising materials - whether this entails catalogues, price lists, type lists, product types, packaging or flyers.

The main advantages at a glance

Time saving

Our publishing systems are capable of the automated production of technical catalogues and packaging and a large number of other marketing materials.


Automating complex layouts to comply with your Corporate Design.


Automated translation processes and country-specific versions, dynamic calculation of print tracking for 5C printing and the dynamic production of marketing web pages.


Multiple use of catalogue structures in all channels, e.g. on websites, as navigation path in the media pool, for APP, etc.


Our layout engines output your content to PDF, InDesign, Word and Powerpoint as quick as a flash - this keeps release processes lean and supports Sales even before the catalogue is finished.


The presentation of correction workflows helps supply changes in the print process immediately to other data outputs.

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