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    Media Asset Management (MAM)

    The data volumes in your company are increasing every day together with the requirements relating to an efficient and flexible media content hub. Thanks to our many years of know-how in dealing with digital assets, we will support and advise you from development and integration through to organisation of your media management.

    • Digital transformation
    • Customisable solutions
    • Media-neutral storage
    • Digital transformation

      step by step in the right direction

      Our advastamedia DAM offers you a central data source with numerous advantages and possibilities for goal-oriented media competence:

      • Centralisation of your assets
      • Cloud-based data provision
      • Media-neutral data storage
      • Automatic generation of file versions – no manual effort needed to create different formats or resolutions
      • Flexible classification model
      • Extensive categorisation functions for administration of digital objects
      • Import and export opportunities
      • Interfaces to a large number of ERP systems
      • Protection of your data through automated embedding of visible and invisible watermarks
    • Customisable solutions

      Our advastmedia®/O is an efficient, customisable media asset management solution. In addition to standard image formats such as JPG, PNG or TIF, a media asset management system also often stores documents in different formats, e.g. InDesign, Word and PDF. The advantages of an MAM system are obvious: A central database enables you to manage a large number of files and objects, and use them for different output channels. For this purpose, a media asset management system features many interfaces and export formats relating to different print and publishing systems, apps or e-commerce applications. There are practically no limits concerning your workflow and data model.

    • Media-neutral storage

      Our MAM solution manages all media in the areas of marketing, PR and sales. Using this as a basis, countless publishing processes are possible. All digital images and their information are managed in neutral language and in a format-neutral form. All current graphic and colour formats in every resolution are supported.

      Media assets or digital assets - the majority of companies regard them as content which helps to describe products or services. Unlike an image database, an MAM system manages not only images, but other files such as videos, documents from different programs, animations and much more besides.

    Our software solution for digital content


    For quick and easy communication and the exchange of digital content in your company and with agencies or partners – our software solution offers numerous advantages:

    Global accessibility

    Access to digital content – from anywhere at any time

    Time savings

    Content can be easily sought and found based on defined tags and keywords

    Administration and organisation

    All media at a glance – including metadata for all file versions


    File sharing

    Quick and secure sharing of assets – dispense with large and annoying e-mail attachments, and benefit from fast data exchange


    Issuing of licence rights – restrict use of your media for different output channels

    Authorisations and access rights

    Individual rights management and target-group-specific publications – ensure that everyone only sees the content for which they are authorised

    Flexible relationship model

    Referencing of a large number of objects – also in conjunction with your product data

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