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When was the last time you bought a product that had no image online?

The presence and quality of product images and animations long ago turned from "nice-to-haves" into a critical success factor in e-commerce. Higher image resolution and bandwidths have also changed the requirements for image materials in the mobile sector. Shop operators often realise the direct connection between the number of returns and the quality of image materials.

Product images have been only one of our specialities when it comes to output, placement and management. Our photo studio now covers another sector in the information supply chain – with direct integration in your maintenance and publication processes.

360° photography

Product Preview
Studies show that 360° views on product pages not only provide users with a better experience but also achieve over 10% higher conversion rates in shops and online catalogues.

We take about 50 shots from all the necessary perspectives and angles to produce an all-round view of a product. The photos are first processed to make sure that alignment and size match up before placing them in a 360° player for web display.

Of course we also advise you on how to use the player software and how to handle this type of media assets, e.g. management or distribution via Cloud – as well as the best placement in the shop.

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Product photography:
quantity AND quality

High-quality product images and automated composing: by combining our software development and image management services, we can shorten the processing time required for photo jobs and improve time to publish for your product images.

  • Lighting and photo systems to produce high-quality product images with automatic clipping paths.
  • Automated compilation of product images based on PIM parts lists or other links.
  • Short throughput times.
  • Seamless integration of your PIM/MAM processes, automatic naming conventions, image imports, etc.

Application and assembly videos

Make it easier for your customers: even complicated work steps are presented simply in videos and tutorials.


By the way, individual or brand-specific backgrounds with individual branding can be inserted into a video using bluescreen or greenbox processes and this also allows a video to be adapted to several customer-specific requirements.

Case study: we produced the photo and video tutorials for fitting instructions for windscreen wipers for the Automotive Aftermarket division of Robert Bosch GmbH. Focus: how to present the fitting instructions for windscreen wipers as simply and understandably as possible. Although conventional printed fitting instructions are still ever-present, a video clip is more convincing due to its simplicity and the possibility of displaying all the work steps one by one.

Improve conversion rates and attract attention by offering application and product videos both on platforms such as Youtube and for presentation at trade fairs or in showrooms.

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The main advantages at a glance


Everything from a single source: from the idea and conception and photo and video production through to post-production including retouching, colour correction, visual effects and image optimisation. Our publishing experience from image standard through to publication and management helps you integrate image creation seamlessly into your process.

High quality

Commitment, an eye for your products and first-class equipment: your products are our top models! And that's exactly how we present you.


Photo shoots as quick as a flash, release and publish to shorten the time between product development and saleability.


The best angle, the right perspective and well illuminated - we stage your products including all the relevant details and proportions undistorted and true to life. So you can promote your products in the best way to generate sales.

Further processing

We consult and support you with further processing - to generate image variants, database imports, prepare various output channels such as online shops, etc.

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