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    Thanks to our intelligent software solution for automatic production of product catalogues, you can optimise your production and export times.
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    Print On Demand (POD)

    Are you tired of elaborately setting huge amounts of content by hand? Do you want to improve your data quality, ensure uniform corporate design in spite of a global market presence and also ultimately cut the costs of your catalogue production and finishing substantially?

    Based on a large number of already implemented projects, we will help you to leave the traditional pre-print stage and the resulting correction runs behind so that extensive catalogues can be produced in the shortest possible time.


    Get ready, export, go:
    Your catalogue is ready

    In addition to providing our software solution, we will help you with data procurement, subsequent classification, the design of individual templates and catalogue structures, exporting to Adobe InDesign and immediate output of a printable PDF. The initial project ends with the handover of the system and the associated processes.

    Incidentally, our POD / Web2Print Engine will also enable you to publish your central data in other channels in future – online catalogues, e-catalogues or apps.

    • Analysis & concept

      Based on your personal requirements and existing data, we can very quickly create all the general conditions to start project integration.

    • Template and layout definition

      If you need to take over existing templates or design new layouts, we can perform both tasks.

    • Data transfer / data procurement

      There isn't just one way to do this. No matter how, we will manage your data. Either through an automatic import via Microsoft Excel, reading out of Adobe InDesign documents or through our database service. Do you already have a PIM system and/or an MAM system? No problem, we are professionals when it comes to setting up interfaces.

    • Image processing

      The system enables individual image sections and scalings to be stored without changing the original image.

    • Data management and structuring

      We will help you to structure and classify your product and media data, and also centralise paragraph/character formats.

    • Translation processes

      Do you produce your catalogue in several languages? Thanks to regular data exchange with translation agencies, you can easily develop your own translation memory system – completely automatically. Including correction runs. Are you an expert in foreign languages? If so, you can simply update the texts yourself.

    • Export interface

      Minimum configurations are enough to adapt our XML export based on advastamedia® so that it corresponds exactly to your individual requirements.

    • Output of PDF files or Adobe InDesign

      Every product catalogue can be exported free of charge at any time. You can generate a preview PDF on demand, but also transfer all high-resolution content to Adobe InDesign layouts in order to carry out the remaining final touches there.

    • Scripting in the layout program

      You need only do one more thing with our integrated solution. Press Start. In addition to pages such as the table of contents and the index, which we dynamically produce with every catalogue, we make everything perfect and even program individual scripts which bring you one step closer to the best possible result.

    • Quality control

      Dispense with a dual control principle and simply trust our output protocol which immediately shows you all the deficiencies in regard to data quality so that you can perform necessary corrections. Are you too busy to make corrections? We will also help you in this respect.

    • Print data

      Are you in a hurry and want to start printing immediately instead of export to Adobe InDesign? If so, you can simply generate printable PDFs (PDF/X3,X4) yourself. Free of charge at any time.

    Our software solution for
    automated catalogue productions


    Would you prefer to be independent and do everything yourself? Excellent! After the project has been initially integrated, you determine how to proceed. Our software solution enables you to generate product catalogues quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks via a web application.


    Easy design and updating of product catalogues using an Excel import.


    Individual or mass data administration of structures and content via Microsoft Excel or the table function in the application.


    Management of product lines and translatable content in all required languages.



    Integration of static pages or local elements.


    Generation of modular catalogues, flip catalogues and price lists based on existing catalogues and chapters.


    Definitions of style sheets and export settings for each catalogue.


    Request the catalogue as Adobe InDesign, a preview PDF or a print PDF.


    Download the generated file directly in the application.

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