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Product Information Management (PIM)

advastamedia®/O is reliable, scalable and user-friendly. A successful Product Information Management system.

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Our customers have been using our PIM solution in many different ways for over 15 years -

from automated catalogue production through to media distribution. It is also used as a data supplier for shop systems and portals, as the basis for image databases and media pools, for print productions, as the basis for web catalogues, PDF generators, etc.

Where does your data come from? In what form must your data be acquired? Where and how should data be published?

Product Management

Our product media database advastamedia®/O offers you a basis for your product data management. We provide you with ongoing support throughout the entire process and during operation. We offer data maintenance, distribution and print and online production with data analysis and processing and database development together with the related tasks.

The advastamedia®/O product philosophy is based on a strong focus on data handling and outputs as well as the media-neutral management of product data and media assets.

The advastamedia®/O product database manages all information connected to products, marketing and sales, for example product information, marketing information, price lists, data sheets, parts/order numbers, etc.

Service and Customisation

Service and customisation

Support and data maintenance

Just lean back. We provide you with support from our Service Team.

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Hosting and operations

Your applications receive reliable 24/7 availability in Kittelberger's in-house computer centre.

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Other functions and options of the advastamedia®/O product database

By product information and media management, we not only mean data management based on PIM and MAM systems but also the support of related processes, e.g. data maintenance for catalogues, data maintenance for editing systems (e.g. First Spirit), data conversion, data processing for statistics, the analysis of databases and image processing.

Other topics include training courses for databases, handling mass data and formulating image standards.

  • Flexible classification model

    Our system is an all-rounder for mapping product data due to the variety of data types, pre-installed system of units, simple options for labelling attributes and the systematic focus on the output of your data.

  • Basis for multilingual target systems

    Management and use of multilingual contents: the advastamedia® product database manages data saved in any language version and supports multi-byte character sets such as Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese.

  • Interfaces

    Standard interfaces to numerous ERP systems - and the possibility to flexibly adapt import and export functions to your requirements.

  • Media-neutral product management

    The media-neutral management of your digital product data and assets means that this data can be supplied efficiently to a wide variety of output channels.

  • Intuitive user interface

    The robust user interface of advastamedia®/O is easy to operate for user and admin alike.

  • The right data for each publication

    Publication management using data extracted from advastamedia® databases.

  • Import Wizard

    Programming knowledge is not needed to execute imports or the mass maintenance of data quickly and reliably. Reference data is easy to import from Excel, CSV/TSV, e.g. highly complex product descriptions, media assets and technical specifications.

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