Multilingual catalogues implemented

Background information

The catalogue production “top range lights” and “elektric domestic appliances” for Elektro-Material AG has been completed. The catalogue in three or two languages ​​are completely generated on the basis of the advastamedia® print engine. This means that the article and product data are automatically imported, then structured for the print edition and - after a correction process - produced in several languages.

Key data
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Kittelberger supports Elektro-Material AG with automatic catalogue production

Elektro-Material AG publishes partial catalogues at short intervals. This way, products can be made known more quickly and customer needs and market changes can quickly be reacted to.

Various experts at Kittelberger support the various process steps of automated catalog production:

Relationships between the data elements are analyzed and the structure of the catalogue is specified when the data is structured. The database for catalogue production is the advastamedia® /O PIM / MAM database. Approval and correction processes (including a web correction tool) are coordinated and translation processes run via standardized exports from advastamedia® /O, which can be imported again after the translation work. Before the data is sent to the printer, data processing and prepress work take place.

A special feature of the EM catalogs are the many pictograms that are used in the catalogue. For this purpose, a pictorial mapping based on the technical data was implemented in cooperation with colleagues from software development. Where the pictograms were previously set manually, this task can now be solved fully automatically using picto mapping.

About Elektro-Material AG

Elektro-Material AG, headquartered in Zurich, is the leading electrical wholesaler in Switzerland. With over 250,000 quality items and a comprehensive range of services, EM offers the best overall service package from a single source. EM has nine branches and the EM Light Competence Center throughout Switzerland.