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Media Asset Management (MAM)

advastamedia®/O is capable of more than saving and displaying images. There are practically no limits when it comes to workflow and data models.

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Our MAM solution manages all media associated with marketing, PR and sales.

It acts as the basis for countless publishing processes. All digital images and their information are managed using language and format neutral methods which support all standard graphic and colour formats in all resolutions.

The advastamedia®/O media database allows the management of your digital assets.

Media Asset Management

Media assets or digital assets - by this, most companies understand contents which describe products or services. As opposed to an image database, a MAM system not only manages images but also other data such as videos, documents from various programs, animations and much more.

Our product media database advastamedia®/O assists you to publish your images for specific target groups such as the press or sales, for example. Your media can be used for multiple purposes by a comprehensive system of categorisation and attribute management. Your custom naming conventions are maintained by generating file names automatically. Managing file variants and object versions goes without saying.

Other functions and options of the advastamedia®/O product database

Our advastmedia®/O is a high-performance, customisable media asset management solution. Besides standard image formats such as JPG, PNG or TIF, documents in various formats, e.g. InDesign, Word or PDF, are frequently saved in a media asset management (MAM) system. The advantages of a MAM system are obvious - you can manage a wide variety of files and objects in a central database and use them for various output channels. This is because a MAM system has many interfaces and export formats to various print and publishing systems, apps or e-commerce applications.

  • Categorisation functions

    Extensive categorisation functions to manage digital objects, e.g. to publish an image database or a media archive.

  • Flexible classification model

    Our system is an all-rounder for mapping product data due to the variety of data types, pre-installed systems of units, simple options for labelling attributes and the systematic focus on the output of your data.

  • Interfaces

    Standard interfaces to numerous ERP systems - and the possibility to flexibly adapt import and export functions to your requirements.

  • Generating variants

    Our media engine automatically generates previews and variants for your media assets in practically any format and resolution - it also has an automatic check for image properties and metadata.

  • PIM integration

    In combination with advastamedia product management, the system automatically displays product data, searches product data and automatically uses your product catalogue tree to navigate for linked images.

  • Download galleries

    Manages and shares assets: integrated order functions including forwarding/supplying documents to connected printing works and agencies.

  • Watermarks

    Protects your digital images by automatically inserting visible and invisible watermarks. As a partner of Digimarc, we use corresponding components in advastamedia®/O-MAM.

Service and Customisation

Service and customisation

Support and data maintenance

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Hosting and operations

Your applications receive reliable 24/7 availability in Kittelberger's in-house computer centre.

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