Website and online shop relaunch: Commerce21 for Tchibo Coffee Service

Background information

The shop agency Commerce21 and its parent company Kittelberger media solutions have successfully relaunched the website and online shop of Tchibo Coffee Service GmbH. The redesigned website is fully responsive to ensure the best presentation of various devices such as smartphones and tablets, etc. The implemented website includes special features such as an interlink between the CMS and the shop, and the display of bundled offers.

Key data
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Firstly the website comprises editorial pages produced on the basis of a Content Management System which allows Tchibo Coffee Service to maintain the website very easily and with little effort. Secondly the extensive product portfolio is presented in an online shop. During the implementation, the company found it very useful to have at its disposal the complete range of services provided by the two Reutlingen agencies, from design and programming through to operating the application and hosting.

CMS and shop interlinked – intelligent order processing and bundled offers

Using modules specially developed in-house, products and product categories can be easily selected and placed in content modules on CMS pages. There is no longer any need to take over or update texts and images by copy&paste since this process is very error-prone. This function also makes it quick and simple to create target-group related landing pages, for example and it is the basis for presenting editorial content and suitable products for various branches of industry or different company sizes.

So-called bundles are compiled in the online shop, i.e. products that are grouped together. Some examples of this are starter packages or other practical combinations of complementary products. These bundles can be created and collected as a "virtual" article in the shopping basket and can be itemised into its individual components in all downstream processes. This avoids any adjustments that may be needed for the sale of bundled products in the sections for payment, warehouse, logistics/shipment and purchasing.

Optimised usability thanks to a configurator and contact form

The customer can define his or her requirements to select the right coffee machine in the machine finder and the system then displays the machine that meets the requirements. Coffee machines can also be placed next to each other in the online shop product comparison. This makes it easier to make direct comparisons.

A multistage contact form was implemented in the CMS to qualify general customer queries in as much detail as possible in advance. A prospective customer can use this form to define his or her most important requirements so that the service employee in the Tchibo Coffee Service can supply rapid and competent advice.

Full service: Commerce21 provides full operation support

Besides the successful implementation of the website relaunch, Commerce21 also assumes the complete operation of the online shop, i.e. Commerce21 looks after services such as the shipment of orders, storage and customer picking, customer service, returns management and payment process handling as part of a fulfilment project.