Catalogue system and catalogue production – from manual work to automatic output

Background information

Product data, catalogue system and catalogue production: High-technology company TRUMPF entrusted us with the automatization and production of three different print catalogues. The project has just been finished, print data were delivered – and the catalogues for Punching tools, Genuine parts and Product enhancements are from now on being produced with the advastamedia® print system.

Key data
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The project consisted of many parts: Maintenance of the catalogue data stock, output programming for three different catalogues, buildup of marketing pages, implementation and run of a translations process as well as the actual catalogue production which included several languages, correction runs, and ended with the print pdf delivery.

The project results not only in the three printed catalogues itself. Trumpf now has a highly configurable catalogue system at hand, with a maintenance tool for product data and simple setting options down to even color and font. In 5-color-printing mode, the system automatically calculates the space needed for all the selected languages, providing additional security within the production process.

The three catalogues contain the TRUMPF assortment for different product areas. Each of them does not only contain product pages but also automatic overviews and indexes. Marketing pages are created individually, while placing and page enumeration are all being done through the system.

For the timing it was particularly helpful that the project was run agile, so that three subprojects could run at the same time instead of sequentially: Takeover of product and media data from InDesign, output programming together with the data layer and business logic. The big advantage of this was the data model of the catalogue data was adjustable until the latest stage of the project.

The whole project schedule – from the initial purchase order until delivering the print data of several hundred pages, each in several languages – was only 12 months.

Generating a catalogue of about 200 pages takes now less than 5 minutes; the system creates the data both in PDF and InDesign.