Retail catalogues in 17 versions and 15 languages

Background information

The 2015/2016 retail catalogues containing about 500 pages were produced for our customer Bosch Power Tools in 17 national versions and 15 languages. Intensive development work went into automatically generating PDF and InDesign documents from contents in the database. Kittelberger handled the structuring of the contents, output programming, output supervision through to the delivery of printable data to the printing press.

Key data
  • Bosch Power Tools - Vollautomatische Katalogproduktion

Fully automatic catalogue production

Catalogue production is supported by our advastamedia® database system. The fully automatic catalogue production software has an integrated PDF generator to produce a PDF preview of the catalogue. An identical InDesign document can also be exported.

Short project overview:

  • Online corrections and online release of catalogue contents directly in the database. This simplifies workflows and ensures content consistency
  • Output of all required languages (15 languages) taking account of letter spacing and the space required by the various languages
  • Consideration given to varying product ranges in each country, also calculating the maximum space requirements on each page
  • Complete production of print templates taking account of printing and language change during printing (5-colour printing)
  • Total of 17 different national versions
  • InDesign export of catalogue pages and updating of each language (colour elements remain unaffected since they remain identical in all national versions)
  • Individual adaptation of pages by free editing of InDesign documents