Responsive Website Relaunch for Bosch Professional Europe

Background information

In summer 2017, Kittelberger started rolling out the new Bosch Professional Websites for Bosch Power Tools. The realization of the new responsive website started end of 2016, now scheduled for a go live in 20 countries – more to follow. It is based on the First Spirit CMS and the advastamedia® framework for delivery of product data.

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The new responsive Website displays power tools and accessories for professionals. This covers editorial content, a service section with own functionality and a forum – but also online catalogues for the different product areas. Since the online catalogues have the cover multiple languages, countries and assortments, the realization had a strong focus on those topics.

During the concept phase, Bosch and Kittelberger collaborated closely together for evaluation and and reality-checks of the designs and templates. This also meant that the design phase, during which Kittelberger teamed up closely with Bosch and the design agency, overleaped seamlessly with the agile realization part of the project.

The editorial part of the page allows a number of modular layouts, varying from simple information to complex landingpages – all maintainable via CMS. The online catalogue is a visualization of about 10,000 products, covering images, videos, marketing information, prices and technical data. All of those contents are being steered through the Marketing Publication Engine, a system basing on the advastamedia® framework developed by Kittelberger.

The architectur: Many applications make one system

From a technical point of view, the website contains a whole lot of different systems that interact seamlessly with each other. Content Management System, product catalogue, forum, dealerlocator, search application, shop-integrations and repair forms: Each application is, to the largest extent possible, independent from the rest of the system and can thus be enhanced flexibly. For the project setup, this meant that most of the applications were realized simoultaneously, which was considerably faster than step-by-step realization of just one big system.

Maintenance, structuring, realization and rollout: 10,000 products, 20 countries

The relevant background processes are closely interleaved with each other. Maintenance of product data, release workflows, assortment definitions and translations: They all are geared towards quick update of the website with the relevant information. This was even more relevant since a part of the online catalogue project was to completely re-built and create content and data structure. Kittelberger tackled this challenge by pre-defining the new structures and using that definition for implementation – whilst at the same time the data was built up. Changes in the classification of the product data were adjusted underway in the output part of the realization. This made it possible to do the relaunch while the same data were still in use for dozens of other outputs and delivery.