Media pool based on advastamedia®

Background information

We produced a media pool based on advastamedia® for our customer Bosch Software Innovations. It provides media pool users with access to all media for editing, exchanging and downloading. The media pool is run from Kittelberger's computer centre.

  • Bosch Software Innovations - Media Pool Detail

The media pool allows users to maintain, research and exchange images and many other digital media.

Besides managing up-to-date image material, the media pool offers many other media such as video and audio material, presentation files etc. which are useful for daily work in Marketing and other departments.

This material is divided into several categories and is processed in different views for various target groups.

Here is an overview of the main media pool functions:

  • Role-based access, e.g. "Administration", "Maintenance", "Presentation" and separate user management for frontend and backend.
  • New objects and categories can be created, edited or deleted, depending on the role.
  • Automated creation of image variants - the required image variants are created automatically when a high-res file is uploaded.
  • Download single objects, with shopping basket function, download gallery and e-mail dispatch.
  • Customised navigation structure.
  • Various filter functions, e.g. by status or object type.