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VW Commercial Vehicles is the leading technological manufacturer of minivans, leisure and recreational vehicles and commercial vehicles. In July 2003, VW commissioned us to produce a press and image database for the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand based on the advastamedia® digital archive and the Kittelberger press database solution.

The multilingual press database offers comprehensive search functions, an e-mail service and a news report in addition to the management of all press releases assigned to the related press photos. A direct link is provided to the press and image database via the photo service news. The PDF generator developed by Kittelberger offers journalists the possibility of compiling individual press kits and downloading them directly as PDFs.

The image database manages all product and application images of the commercial vehicle brand. Images can be selected via categories and search criteria, enlarged and ordered as fine data. Since the central press database solution was completed, Kittelberger also assumed the maintenance and operation of the complete system.