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With a history spanning over a hundred years, ERIMA is a traditional, authentic German sports brand. The head office of the company which was started in 1900 is based in the Swabian town of Pfullingen near Stuttgart. The company is also represented by branch offices in Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Around 230 employees work at the ERIMA headquarters in Pfullingen and its international branches. Together they are responsible for the development, production and distribution of textiles and dry goods which are suitable for virtually all forms of sport.

On behalf of ERIMA we cover the fields of MAM, PIM and catalogue production. The catalogue system (based on advastamedia®, DATAform and InDesign) rationalises the production of catalogues to a great extent and offers superior design standards at the same time.

Using advasta to manage all data provides the basis for the simple and systematic expansion of communication in channels such as the Internet, print, smartphone, iPad/iPhone and data platforms. The complete system is run at the computer centre of Kittelberger media solutions GmbH.