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Bridgestone is a leading global producer of tyres for cars, buses, heavy good vehicles and special vehicles. Bridgestone as well as the Firestone and Dayton brands use a central marketing database based on our advastamedia® system.

The target group and users of the marketing database are Bridgestone importers who then use the contents to produce their own marketing materials. The system provides all media relating to the Bridgestone, Firestone and Dayton brands, including product, event and application images as well as literature, campaign and marketing materials.

The integrated release process for the materials produced offers importers the chance to have a draft advertisement verified by the Brussels headquarters using the EAP (European Approval Process), e.g. for compliance with Corporate Design.

Users can select, directly download and order presentation and fine data stored in the marketing database by using categories and an extensive search engine. The marketing image database is run from Kittelberger's computer centre.