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As e-Spirit partner, we integrate the FirstSpirit Enterprise Content Management System in our customer projects. We have already launched several international roll-outs of corporate websites and product catalogues based on FirstSpirit.

Project requirements

The following were key aspects during these projects and we implemented them successfully for renowned international companies:

  • Global relaunches of corporate websites and online product catalogues in 20 to 40 different national/language versions
  • Interface to the Kittelberger PIM/MAM system advastamedia for the simplified production and maintenance of special offers and promotions
  • Integration of online product catalogues based on advastmedia®
  • Integration of multibyte character sets for websites in Asian, African and Arabic regions
  • Implementation of extensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) functions
  • Generation of desktop and mobile templates for optimised display on various terminals
  • Integration of interactive and multimedia contents (e.g. flash applications) as part of product specials and microsites