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GEZE GmbH was founded by Friedrich Carl Bauer in 1863. The company has many subsidiaries and over 150 sales locations all over the world. Today, the building hardware company is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of innovative door and window systems.

The GEZE range of products and services offers planners, architects, processors and dealers a comprehensive product portfolio in the field of door automation for use in shop fitting or in barrier-free construction. Since 1999, GEZE has commissioned the Kittelberger Media Asset Management system for the central management of all images. This allows authorised partners to access all company image data online. Besides the direct downloading of preview images, high resolution fine and print data can be ordered using a shopping basket function. Besides installing and configuring the database, Kittelberger also adapted the online presentation to the GEZE Style Guide. GEZE manages the data maintenance and distribution of ordered images.