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Thank you for the good cooperation in 2023. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Dear customers, partners, friends!

We are on the threshold of 2024 and looking back to 2023.

In many ways it was what we expected: plans worked out and developments occurred as expected... - but that wasn't all.

Whether for us as a company, as individuals, as a society or global community, after a turbulent 2022, we have also seen many worrying and difficult developments this year:

The war in Europe is not over - it has just received less attention. And racism, right-wing ideas, growing division in our society – all of this has never gone away but is becoming increasingly visible. While Germany is the country in Europe where racism is experienced most violently for People of Color (according to surveys), more and more Germans are still positioning themselves politically far to the right. At the same time, we look with concern to the Middle East, where the state of Israel has been the victim of unprecedented aggression within the last weeks.

A lot has changed - and not everything for the better. And yet there are things that remain. One of them is the certainty: it doesn't just "get" better - better is something you must DO! And: “getting better” always requires optimism.

This applies in society and politics, where the commitment of every individual counts. And it applies in the world in which we as a company do our projects.

Last year - the fifty-seventh of our existence - we again used challenges as opportunities. Challenges of our customers, but also our own. Where our customers needed to save money, we took this as an order. With our solutions we want to help use resources efficiently: more output with less input.

In the face of global tensions and an unprecedented energy crisis, we have adapted our internal processes and cleverly deployed our resources to not only work more sustainably, but also to provide our customers with service and solutions that truly “make a difference”. The introduction of our hybrid working model and our e-learning system last year were part of this ongoing transformation, but it continues: with AI-based products, further modularization, new technology and much more.

2023 showed us that flexibility and trust are not just empty words, but rather the foundation of our daily actions: internally and with our customers. Our employees have proven that they can not only deal with change, but also drive it forward with creativity and commitment.

What the new year will bring us – we don’t know. But one thing is certain: we will continue to pursue our path with optimism and commitment. We will see the changes as opportunities to improve ourselves, our product, and services and to provide you, our valued customers and partners, with the best service.

We look forward to beginning a year full of new possibilities together with you! And we continue to give our best, for our customers, our projects, for each other.

THANK YOU FROM THE HEART for your trust, your loyalty, and good cooperation!

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, a peaceful New Year and happiness and health for 2024.

We are looking forward to 2024. Happy New Year and relaxing holidays to you and your loved ones!


Our work is both locally and globally driven; We have therefore decided to support nine organizations with relevant monetary amounts this year.

This year we support Reutlinger Bürgerstiftung, Drei Musketiere Reutlingen, Rappertshofen Rommelsbach, anti-discrimination work in Tübingen and the Jugendwerk Reutlingen. In addition, the Alabri education project in Madagascar and aid for people in the Congo as well as the Christoffel Blindenmission and OneDollarGlasses.

Bürgerstiftung Reutlingen

Local social and cultural projects

As a sponsor of this community foundation, we support the voluntary commitment of the foundation members. In this way, local projects and facilities in the social, cultural, integrative, and cross-generational as well as in the monument area can be implemented.

This includes integrative theater projects, reading tutors, city youth councils and environmental education centers.

Find out more about the work

3 Musketiere e.V.

One for all, all for one!

A small aid organization that does great things. "Three Musketeers" because at the beginning three of them put their heart and soul into the good cause! Now there are 19 musketeers who work, mostly on a voluntary basis, to help people in need.

Assistance is provided directly on site, where support is urgently needed: humanitarian emergency aid and sustainable educational projects.

Find out more about the work

Rappertshofen Rommelsbach

Civic engagement in Rappertshofen

Förderverein Rappertshofen e.V. supports the facility for people with disabilities in Reutlingen-Rommelsbach with a variety of activities, including access to culture and nature as well as the barrier-free use of digital services.

Find out more about the work

adis e.V.

Anti-discrimination work in Tübingen

adis e.V. is responsible for professional anti-discrimination work in the Reutlingen/ Tübingen region and is a specialist center for anti-discrimination work in Baden-Württemberg. They focus on anti-discrimination, empowerment and practical development through local and state-wide political action.

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Jugendwerk Reutlingen

Children and youth work in Reutlingen

The Jugendwerk Reutlingen is a non-profit foundation and supports youth work by running district-based youth centers such as the "Bastille" and a central youth café.

Find out more about the work

NYHary Madagaskar

Encouraging children in rural areas

NY HARY would like to give young Madagascans a perspective: knowledge and values to use the rich natural, cultural and economic potential of Madagascar in a sustainable way.

That is why we support the ALABRI project. Here, disadvantaged children are given fair access to education. There is a school with basic supplies and a student dormitory. The holiday camps and the open youth center serve to bring children from all walks of life together and to make contacts.

Find out more about the work

Hilfe für Menschen im Kongo e.V.

Education as a key for change

It all started as a grassroots project in Kongo in 2005: Dr. Christine and Jürgen Hauskeller gave a home to 15 girls who had been living on the streets, and provided them not only with shelter and food, but also taught them reading, arithmetic and social skills.

In September 2006, they opened up an orphan shelter and in the subsequent years developed a vision: a blueprint model to help people in their four existential needs:
Education – Health – Nutrition – emotional security.

We have been supporting this organization for years now, and we’re very happy that we can continue to do so this year.

Find out more about the work


Eyesight and support

The Christoffel Mission for the Blind helps people to live their lives more self-determined without and (again) with eyesight.

Many can regain their eyesight with free eye surgeries. "Cataracts" do often also affect children in developing countries. When cure is not possible, visually impaired people are supported in finding a job and a way for themselves to live with the visual impairment.

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Good vision for everyone

More than 150 million people around the world need glasses but cannot afford them. OneDollarGlasses gives those affected access to free eye tests and high-quality, affordable glasses.

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We look forward
to continuing our work
together in 2023!