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Thank you for your confidence in our services and the good cooperation in 2020. We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Thank you.

Just: Thank you.

„It is not the lucky ones that are thankful.
It is the thankful ones who are happy.“
Francis Bacon

In the past year, we've worked in many awesome projects, from small ones to big ones. There were new things that we dared and achieved, with you or for you. Hopefully, we did a good job, and definitely we were able to grow – in numbers, but also in experience and in knowledge. And we hope that in all this, we were someone that you could rely on.

The way we look back on a year is something very individual. And yet, despite how different we all are, the Corona pandemic is probably one of the most prominent aspects of 2020 – since it affected every single one of us.

Most of our work is independent from the exact location where it is carried out, and we are very happy about that. And at the same time, we realize that we took a lot of the way we worked together for granted: discussions, work, laughter, creativity and celebrations – in one room, with real contact. And although “mobile office” just works so well: all in all, the time “before Corona” is probably something that everybody wants back. But most importantly we made the best out of that situation, just like you did. We adapted. And we’ve learned and introduced things that will outlast the current situation.

So we think that there is a lot to be thankful for. We’re thankful towards our customers, our partners, and especially our team. “Thank you” to everyone who trusted us in this special year. We’ll keep on doing our best to live up to it.

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. We’re looking forward to a new year with you: with encounters, digital and personal ones. With challenges and conversations, with new things and continuity.

Stay healthy!

With kind regards, your


Our work is somehow both local and global, and that's why we considered two organizations.

This year, we decided to support people in need in the Democratic Republic of Congo - and right here in Reutlingen.

Hilfe für Menschen im Kongo e.V.

Education as a key for change

It all started as a grassroots project in Kongo in 2005: Dr. Christine and Jürgen Hauskeller gave a home to 15 girls who had been living on the streets, and provided them not only with shelter and food, but also taught them reading, arithmetic and social skills.

In September 2006, they opened up an orphan shelter and in the subsequent years developed a vision: a blueprint model to help people in their four existential needs:
Education – Health – Nutrition – emotional security.

We have been supporting this organization for years now, and we’re very happy that we can continue to do so also this year.

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Help for people with multiple disabilities

Enabling participation and self-determination

Located just one kilometer to our Reutlingen headquarter, Rappertshofen Reutlingen is a facility for care, support and advice, social and professional integration of people with physical and multiple disabilities.

They use the assistance services of Rappertshofen in order to maintain and develop their skills and to be able to lead a life with the greatest possible self-determination. The facility attaches great importance to taking individual needs and developments into account. The equal and active participation of people with disabilities in their care planning is just as much a fundamental principle of the work as close cooperation with their relatives.

We’re happy to support an organization so helpful that is located so closely to us.


We look forward
to continuing our work
together in 2021!